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Enjoy free word games in Word Games

On this page you will find our collection of word games such as crosswords, word soups and other puzzles. Choose the right letters, reorder them and solve the clues to find as many words as you can and complete the puzzles. For example, try our Crossword Casual game, or check out our many word soup games!

Online word games

In the past, word games like word soup or crossword puzzles appeared mainly in newspapers and other printed publications that you could take on vacation. However, nowadays, you can easily access these online games for free. Not only do we have a wide selection of letter and word games, but you can also check out our puzzle catalog and our selection of complicated mind gymnastics games to keep you entertained.

Word games for children

We have complicated word games for adults, but we also have a large number of educational games with shorter and more common words for kids to enjoy as well. In addition, you can often select the desired difficulty level at the start of the game.

Popular word games

There are many fun word games available in Keygames. Below, you can read a little more about the different types of word puzzles you can play.
Spell words: expand your vocabulary

Sort the scrambled letters in games like Words Cracker or decrypt the word that matches the images in the word association game 4 Images 1 Word. Put your vocabulary to the test!

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are complex games in which you have to use written tracks to fill in the empty boxes. Tracks can be descriptions, word games and even anagrams that will require creativity to be resolved. The letters of the words you’ve already filled in will help you solve other clues.

Word soups

Can you find the hidden words in this letter-filled grid? Watch carefully and try to find all the words in the grid. Letters can be used more than once, and can be arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or back to front.

Typing games

With these games you will be able to improve your writing speed to computer. Try to keep your eyes fixed on the screen and type the words as quickly as possible to blow up bombs, enemy spaceships and other enemies. You can find most of these games on our typing games page.

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